September 30, 2020

Archives for February 2015

Who blinks first?

Game theory has been very much in the news the past few weeks in relation to the attempted renegotiation of Greece’s EU bailout deal, and its related austerity measures. It is, by now, a well known fact that Yanis Varoufakis (the Greek finance minister at the head of these negotiations) is a student of Game […]

How much for the taxi? $41billion!

What is it?  A $41bn taxi firm called UBER.  That’s a lot of money for a taxi business. What size is the global taxi market? Estimates put it at between $50 – $100bn. What share of that market can Uber expect to capture and how can that justify a value of $41bn? Well consider what […]

So you thought private labels were the domain of the ‘less well- off’ did you?

In the retail sector, primarily two forms of brand categories exist – National Brands (NBs) and Private Label Brands (PLBs) (see the Marketing course Module 11).  As Justin Beneke reports (Edinburgh Business School DBA thesis, 2014), ‘whereas in developed nations it is the hard-pressed consumer segment that represents the most attractive market segment for private […]