August 9, 2020

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Financial fantasies in football

Why is it that Football clubs think that they are immune to the effects of continuing operating losses? In every other private sector business, it is understood that losses cannot be sustained indefinitely. Continuing financial losses lead inevitably to job losses, cuts in salary costs and sometimes complete closure, but not in football apparently? #146275737 […]

University without walls!

20 November 2014 and it’s EBS graduation day again. Today we have four new DBA graduates bringing to 35 the number from the programme since its inception.  26 of the 35 have graduated in the past couple of years as the DBA has gathered pace. Today’s four graduates come from South Africa, Hong Kong, the […]

Art or Science?

Donald Trump has caused a bit of a Twitter controversy with his recent posting: Is negotiation an Art? One of the replies he received stated “Art requires talent.  I prefer to think of negotiation as something that can be learned and perfected.” I think it is both. Some people are born with a natural ability […]