October 22, 2019

Archives for August 2014

Project Constraints in Antarctica

Most project planning concerns creating a timeline and accounting for resources. The availability of those resources tends to lead to the usual constraints regarding the project. An organisation will only have a finite amount of money, employees, and other available resources to dedicate to any project. Some ventures require a more carefully developed plan to […]

What is your managerial mark?

Have you ever asked yourself what you would you like to achieve as a manager, not only a “project” manager, but a manager, a leader maybe? What would people say about you when you  complete your current role at work? What will they say  about your management and about your sub-ordinates? As managers, we are […]

Can being first ever make you come last?

I recently read an article from the school of Roberto Cialdini, the authority on influence. He recounts a negotiation with Andy Roddick and Lacoste where the first proposal from Lacoste lead to a less than satisfactory outcome.  It posed the question “Are there any situations when making the first offer, rather than serve as an […]