May 22, 2019

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Half of three people agree with me

I read in a Scottish national newspaper yesterday that “The National Union of Journalists said that 99 per cent of the 50 BBC members who attended a meeting in Glasgow today called on the corporation to resign fully from the CBI.” Interesting, and what was also interesting was that none of the comments added by […]

Googlebus Battlebus

Those of us of a certain age will remember fondly the old days when San Francisco and Berkeley were known for their protests.  People would stick a flower in their hair, come to San Francisco and protest, often about what could be abstract but important ideas such as free speech, discrimination,  political affiliations. I am […]

Yet more notes from a grumpy traveller

I have an affliction which strikes many academics.  I read things indiscriminately if they are put before me, whether they are the conditions of sale for a theatre ticket, the ingredients on a tin of baked beans, or the small print on a train timetable even if I don’t intend to catch that train. The […]

More Notes from a Grumpy Traveller

If there is one thing that frustrates a traveller, it is the signage traps that are laid out to ready to catch them at their most tired and weary, from road signs in Brisbane that would only be seen as you were just passing them, and anyway they were mostly obscured by rainforest  foliage… or […]