August 20, 2019

Archives for October 2013

Wolves and bears back in Scotland?

International travel guide Lonely Planet recently named Scotland as one of the top three best countries in the world to visit after Brazil and Antarctica. Never a country ‘to rest on its laurels,’ Scotland is running and planning a wide range of interesting and varied projects that will add to its attractiveness as an international […]

Nuclear power risk balance

The UK government has just announced that a new nuclear power station will be constructed at Hinkley Point in Somerset. It will be the third nuclear power station to be built at the site and will, therefore, be designated Hinkley C. It will be the first new nuclear power station built in the UK since […]

Was British Gas right to schedule a Twitter Q&A session on the day it announced huge price hikes?

Customers can be the best publicity. There are lots of them, they like to talk and they tend to believe each other more than they would a stranger with an ulterior motive (sales).  Add the internet and the power of consumer-generated content can be huge – going ‘viral’ and creating a ‘storm’. While many brands […]

Second Cohort of MBA Students Start in Malaysia

I have just returned from Malaysia after taking our second cohort of MBA students through an induction session one weekend and then the two following weekends talking about Organisational Behaviour.  The new group of students, 21 of whom are pictured above, again come from a wide range of occupations including IT, medicine, education, finance, accounting, […]

Kuala Lumpur and KL Sentral public transport infrastructure projects – a successful strategy for reducing congestion and pollution

I was teaching in Kuala Lumpur (KL) in Malaysia last week and I was impressed with the number and range of large-scale public transport programmes and projects currently in progress in the city. These programmes and projects emphasise the commitment and determination of the Malaysian Government to construct a world class public transport system for […]

Three ways entrepreneurs can benefit from ‘power in numbers’

New sports drink Golazo recently caught my attention because it appears to be scoring in the US. What can we learn from this shrewd attack on big brands? On first impressions, the US soft drinks industry might not seem very attractive for new starts. Manufacturing a beverage is likely to involve relatively high initial investment […]