July 12, 2020

Archives for August 2013

Young people show entrepreneurial spirit

While viruses seem to strike humans in winter months, I’ve come to notice that computers seem most at risk during summertime. This is just speculation of course, but a computer technician friend of mine, who pointed out this apparent trend, blames it on bored teenagers. This got me thinking: surely if you have the skills […]

Edinburgh Business School hold Information sessions & Alumni events in Ghana

New Enterprise Consultancy, Edinburgh Business School’s local representative in Ghana, recently held a series of information sessions in the capital city of Accra, and also in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city between 14th July and mid-August 2013. The sessions were well attended by participants from all walks of life including professionals from academia, accounting, banking, […]

Top female talent: use it or lose it?

The number of female entrepreneurs in the UK is steadily rising despite the difficult economic conditions of the past five years. In July 2013 the Office for National Statistics reported that there were 1.35 million women in self- employment a figure which was 19% higher than in 2008. However an interesting report from the Chartered […]

Another kind of peak oil

You will probably have heard of the idea of ‘peak oil’, that the supply of oil is finite and the time is approaching, or has passed, when oil production will fall as reserves are depleted. While the debate has raged on the other side of the equation has largely been ignored, i.e. what is likely […]

What inspires you?

LinkedIn asked some of the world’s top leaders this question, and the responses were food for thought. Three particular motivators emerged: learning from inspiring people; tackling a challenge; and maintaining perspective. There didn’t seem to be much mention of ‘boring’ things like money or job security. Is this because world leaders’ lower-order needs are satisfied? […]

Twinkle, twinkle little star, now I wonder where you are?

I recently heard an Internet consultant say that children 5 years ago were living with the internet, today they are living in the internet and mobile applications. The American Marketing Association is now making mobile marketing and ‘big data’, two of their research priorities over the next few years. Both will revolutionise consumer behaviour and […]