January 26, 2020

Archives for June 2013

Hazy Days in Malaysia

For the past six months I’ve been working at the new Heriot-Watt University Campus in Malaysia. It’s certainly been an interesting experience which has given me a fresh perspective on the world. I’ve also developed a taste for Beef Rendang. You’ve probably heard about the haze covering Singapore and parts of Malaysia over the past […]

Habitual brands?

Successfully weaving brands into consumers’ everyday ‘rituals’ is a helpful way of making them seem, in the consumer’s mind, indispensable. Personal hygiene products, like toothpaste, deodorant and makeup remover are obvious ones.  But many brands seem to want to capitalise on this opportunity, as suggested by well known slogans like “A Mars a day…” “Have A […]

Off-Shoring and On-Shoring: Not Just a Question of Labour Costs

For the past couple of decades cheap labour in developing countries has been the driving force behind the phenomenon of “off-shoring” whereby manufacturers and service  providers  in developed economies transfer operations to developing ones.  US to China is the paradigm case.  Off-shoring has often been hugely controversial in the countries undertaking it because of the […]

HKU SPACE classes add value to distance learning MBA

An article published in the Education Post section of the South China Morning Post online, features comment from Professor Keith Lumsden, founder and Academic Director of Edinburgh Business School, and also Alick Kitchin, Director of Business and Joint Head of School. The article discusses the flexibility of Edinburgh Business School’s MBA programme, which provides students […]