August 20, 2019

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Shared value

Recently the Chartered Institute of Marketing sponsored a debate at the House of Commons; the motion: “Social responsibility claims by businesses amount to little more than posturing to gain competitive advantage”. This debate comes in the aftermath of some widely publicised scandals in the UK in which, despite claims of fair-handedness and altruistic ambition,  several  […]

Savings lives: addressing a ‘discovery void’

Urgent action must be taken to tackle the problem of infectious disease resistance to antibiotics. That was the message from the UK Government’s Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies, who warns the health risks could be as catastrophic as those posed by climate change or terrorism. The problem of microbes becoming resistant to the most […]

A Marketer, a Marketer, my Board Room for a Marketer! (apologies to the Bard)

In answer to the question why so few marketers make it to the board room, Amanda Mackenzie, Aviva’s Chief marketing and communications officer, had this to say: ‘I think it’s because people still see marketing as an enabler rather than a strategic function. There is still a perception that marketers tend to talk as right-brained […]