July 12, 2020

Archives for December 2012

Buy my product… and live happily ever after

At a car-boot sale recently I couldn’t resist buying two eerie little framed prints of “Jack and Jill” tumbling down a hill and “the old women who lived in a shoe”; they were over 120 years old and only a pound each!But what is it with society’s fixation with folklore and fairy tales, myths and […]

Two very different snowmen

Two very British institutions – John Lewis and Irn Bru – and two very different takes on the festive season. Every year, around the beginning of November, a buzz of excitement ignites in the UK media. Forget about the festive season’s must-see TV shows, the big news is what is going to be the best […]

Tough competition among the few

Those of you who have studied economics will have run up against the strange word ‘oligopoly’. It means ‘competition among the few’ and textbooks are full of the potentially dire outcomes of price wars. You can now see oligopoly in action as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon start to slug it out. This excellent Economist […]