January 20, 2019

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Signing off as Blog Master for October

It is almost time for me to hand over the role of Blog Master to my colleague Iain Lauder. I will be posting further blogs on Project Management and on the EBS DBA programme in future, but for now I will sign off as October Blog Master with a few links to internet articles on […]

The plane that is just too good

  Shock diamond (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Lockheed-Martin/Boeing  F-22 ‘Raptor’ is a fifth generation twin-engine single seat fighter aircraft. It is widely considered to be one of the finest military aircraft ever built. It exhibits a remarkable combination of stealth capability, speed, agility and sensory integration. Most experts would regard it as more than a […]

Blog Master’s Welcome

It’s October and, therefore, time for my term of office as Blog Master for the Edinburgh Business School business blog. I am responsible for the Project Management course and I’ll be making a couple of related posts over the next few weeks. I am also Director of the Edinburgh Business School Doctorate in Business Administration […]