August 9, 2020

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What is an airline?

Most of us travel regularly by air and we are used to the endless process of air travel – from the glossy adverts portraying the airline as ‘friendliest’, ‘world’s favourite’ or ‘best for service’ to the purchase of tickets, the check-in, the security, the boarding … and so on. When you look at it this […]

Interesting Articles

It’s time for the Marketing teaching team to hand over the role of ‘blog master’ to colleagues in Strategic Planning. That doesn’t mean you won’t still hear from us; we’ll continue posting stories whenever we see something interesting. For now, I’d like to wrap up with some articles which you might find interesting: The internet […]

Changing behaviour

Developing positive attitudes to exercise and participation in sports is an important starting point toward achieving changes in behaviour (Consumer Behaviour Module 13). Our attitudes are learned through our past experiences of exercise and participation in sports, through the messages transmitted by mass media communications, and through information supplied by opinion leaders, formers and followers. […]

Keeping Scotland Connected

I thought I would kick off the Project Management blog with a post about an exciting major strategic infrastructure project that is in progress right now very close, geographically, to Edinburgh Business School – the new Forth Road Bridge. The new Forth Road Bridge is a good example of a major strategic infrastructure project that […]

Edinburgh Business School welcomes its academic partners from all over the world

Edinburgh Business School welcomed partners from every continent bar Antarctica to its 5th International Partner Conference at Edinburgh Business School’s headquarters between 1-3 August 2012. The main purposes of the conference were to share experiences of partnership models and different types of academic support, to enhance activities across all aspects of the partnerships, and most […]

Olympic sponsors: here today… and tomorrow!

In the run up to the Olympics there were various grumblings in the media that corporate sponsors were wielding too much power. The ban on retailers selling chips because of “sponsorship obligations” was just one example that caused a stir. But on the flip side, sponsors not only ploughed vast sums of money and resources […]

On your bike…

What a great time to be handed the role of Blog Master. The Marketing team will be picking up on several threads this month, including retailer power; pricing issues and corporate social responsibility. But first, a final (and dare I say it) optimistic comment on London 2012. Some of my early cynicism about the Olympic […]

Interesting Articles

My short time as Blog Master is finishing today and I’ll be handing over to colleagues Jane and Barbara for the rest of August. That doesn’t mean that I will stop blogging – if I see an issue that captures my imagination I’ll be sure to post something here. In the meantime I have been […]