October 20, 2019

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Tying up the Oil Price Watch

This is just a tail piece on the Oil Price Watch run we have done over the past few weeks and which we shall put to bed for the moment.  As they say, our work here has been done – for now. So what remains that might be useful to review at this point? Well, first […]

Economics, the cheerful science …

In 1980 the Stanford ecologist Paul Ehrlich and the Maryland economist Julian Simon struck a famous bet. Ehrlich had been the author of a best-selling and gloomy 1968 book “The Population Bomb” which warned about global overpopulation, increased scarcity, resource depletion, and resulting wars, famine, diseases and other horrors. And Thomas Carlyle called economics the dismal science! You […]

Interesting Articles

Here is some post-examination reading for all of you. As usual I’ll start with a selection of good pieces concerning the euro crisis: First a piece from last week’s Economist here discussing the crisis Another Economist piece which talks about fiscal policy here An interesting, if controversial, piece here from Al Jazeera about the ECB […]

Oil Price Watch December 3rd 2011

The Brent oil price showed about a 3% gain over the week, Chris Kahn, AP Energy Writer, noted that prices had risen every trading day since Thanksgiving due to a combination of supply side pessimism over Iran’s nuclear program and demand side optimism over strong retail sales in the U.S. and efforts by the Federal […]