October 20, 2019

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Oil Price Watch November 26th 2011

Oil prices continued to fall this week (but only marginally) as demand side fears about the European debt crisis and poor US economic data weighed more heaviliy than worries about a possible European ban on oil imports from Iran and a fall in US inventories. This is just a short update – next week I plan to also use the Oil Price […]

Million Dollar Taxis

I was in New York in October 2011 and read in the Times that two New York taxi medallions – aluminium plates that grant the right to operate a yellow cab – recently changed hands for $1 million each. This is the highest recorded sale since the first medallions were issued in 1937. At that […]

Interesting Articles

A few more articles on the continuing Euro Crisis, all from Economist blogs: A discussion of the end of Silvio Berlusconi can be found here A great interactive graphic on the European economy here A candid assessment of European Central Bank policy here Tim Harford discusses credit ratings agencies and their role here Australia faces […]

Oil Price Watch November 19th 2011

The Brent oil price fell significantly by more than $7 this week, there is an interesting post by Reuters which illustrates some of the short-term reasons for this, as well as some medium to longer term issues – including crucially Issue 5 (limited effectiveness of cartels) in the Oil Price Watch Overview The conflicting pressures within the Organization […]

Early Retirement?

We all know that life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last fifty years, and if you believe this Guardian graphic produced from the recent UN report on population, it looks set to increase further across the world by the end of the century. Because of this developed economies now have an increasingly large proportion […]

Oil Price Watch November 12th 2011

The oil price rose to over $114 a barrel this week, the rise fuelled by optimism that Italy and Greece are shaping up

Follow the Sun?

Is the recently-announced debt-reduction plan for Greece a viable solution to the most serious financial problem facing the world economy today? The example of Jamaica – the land of sun, sea and sand – could be a good indication of what might be expected to follow. Or is it? Back in 2009 Jamaica faced its […]

The demand for yellow cars

There is a strange car which has been parked outside my door for the last two days. I know it is the same car. It is a yellow car and there are not so many around. When my children were younger, they would play a game on journeys to see who would spot the first […]