October 20, 2019

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Oil Price Watch 29 October 2011

The price of a barrel of Brent Crude was almost unchanged from last week, on the face of it flatlining just below $110 a barrel. But that conceals violent swings during the week

Information poor, information rich

I had not really planned this when I started this blog run just a short time ago, but a lot of things happening  out there in the real world just now seemed to raise questions about information in economics – in Foggy Markets it was about how information may be more complex than it should […]

Seven Billion

The UN is predicting that the world’s population will hit 7 billion this week. For many the logical consequence of an ever-increasing population seems to be mass-starvation and environmental disaster. These fears are not new. More than 200 years ago the economist Robert Malthus predicted continuous growth in population outstripping growth of available resources resulting […]

Foggy Markets

It is always interesting when similar things seem to be happening in different parts of the economics jungle, especially if there may be similar things driving those behaviours in many cases. We are used to the idea that technology from push buttons to price comparison sites are helping make things simpler in many cases. So […]

Interesting Articles

There is a good discussion of Government debt on Tim Harford’s blog here. He discusses the issue of cancelling the debt

Oil Price Watch 22 October 2011

The FT reported on Tuesday that there were concerns about China’s GDP growth (latest data quarterly data just published showing it had grown at its lowest rate for more than two years). By Friday, Douglas Hepworth, director of research at Gresham Investment Management, told the FT that investors are “obviously nervous about a US slowdown. They […]

Oil Price Watch 15 October 2011

Welcome to this run of the Oil Price Watch! Over the next few weeks we will be monitoring what has been happening to this crucial market and try to explain why the price has been moving the way it has.

Risk loving … or risk avoiding Australians?

One of the nice things about blogging is that it is interactive and quite often collaborative. It also gives you the license to raise important and interesting questions and puzzles without being in any way obligated or expected to give answers – being able to say, “heck, I don’t know” is a nice break from […]